Engineering machine

Equipment performance The purification efficiency can reach 98.5%, and the equipment installation and debugging cycle is generally 45-60 days


Thermal oxidation equipment

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Engineering machine

Recommended Products

Disc runner

Adsorption efficiency: up to 98.5% Concentration ratio: 5-30 times Service life: 40000+ hours

fixed bed

The ratio of silicon to aluminum is extremely high, with strong hydrophobicity and selective adsorption capacity of VOCs, which can improve the adsorption efficiency, reduce the energy consumption of desorption, and at the same time reduce the accumulation of high boiling point substances, carbon and polymers, and reduce the risk of smoldering.

Drum runner

High silicon-aluminum ratio, strong hydrophobicity and selective adsorption capacity of VOCs, improve adsorption efficiency and reduce energy consumption for desorption

Elf SMART series

The Elf series adopts the zeolite runner + CO process, which is tailor-made for small VOCs emission units. Such places have small exhaust emissions and limited space. The Elf series equipment can be placed indoors, and can be turned on and off, providing customers with cost-effective solutions. .

HONOR series

Honor series products follow the most advanced zeolite runner + CO process, and integrate all modules into an integrated design. It only takes 3 days to install after the factory is installed, pre-commissioned and transported to the site.

Pilot the NAVIGATOR series

The pilot series has the traditional advantages of zeolite runner + RTO process, and has good adaptability to special components, continuous emission and other difficult emission reduction conditions, and at the same time improves the difficulties of large area and complex installation of engineering projects.