The company organized the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors and the board of supervisors, elected a new board of directors and a board of supervisors, and the board of directors elected a new term of managers

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2022-05-25 11:12

The environmental protection tax was officially implemented in 2018, and the deadline for entering the park is before 2020. At this point, environmental protection has officially become a new threshold for the coatings industry, and coatings companies under the double storm are facing huge challenges. How to carry out intelligent upgrading, environmental innovation, improve efficiency, and optimize management has become the key to breaking the 2018 situation.

Against this background, PCI, together with a number of intelligent manufacturing core technology companies, held this salon event in the Taixing Paint and Coating Industrial Park, which is "good paint, made in Taixing". Taixing Park has been adhering to the construction of green products, green factories, green parks and green supply chains, boosting the high-end, green, safe and intensive development of the industry, and making new and greater contributions to promoting the green transformation and development of China's coatings industry . This activity focuses on the approval process for the establishment of factories after entering the park, the park provides convenient services for enterprises, helps enterprises avoid detours, implements environmental protection laws and regulations, as well as smart factory design, construction, VOCs treatment, good operation and optimized management and other core content, and conduct a comprehensive discussion.

As a high-quality supplier of VOCs purification equipment, Yunhui Technology introduced its project experience in the paint industry, and sorted out the VOCs emissions and corresponding purification measures in all aspects of the paint production process. In particular, the exhaust gas collection problem that the coating industry is concerned about is answered in detail.

Yunhui Technology hopes to combine the actual production equipment and control system to design a more energy-saving and good VOCs purification system for the coating industry.