Founder and General Manager Profile

Chairman of the VOCs Special Committee of China Environmental Protection Federation, Professor of Industry of Nantong University of Southeast University, National Distinguished Expert, the fourth batch of the national "Thousand Talents Program"

Liu Jingyin was born in 1969
Graduated from Jilin University in 1990,
Graduated from Tianjin University in 1998, Doctor of Engineering, EMBA of University of Michigan,
Postdoctoral fellow at New Energy Research Centre, University of Helford, UK
In October 2011, he was appointed as an expert of the National Thousand Talents Program by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee
In 2015, the core technology breakthrough of VOCs catalyst was completed and successfully applied to Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. In 2016, the research and development of the runner box of the adsorption assembly was completed. In 2017, the product finalization of the YH1+ was completed, which was successfully applied to SAIC.
With more than 12 years of senior management experience in multinational companies, he has worked in international companies such as Degussa, Umicore, and other international companies, and served as executive director and other positions. The scale of management companies has reached 4 billion yuan.
main working experience:
2010 ~ present Chairman of Yunhui Technology
1997 ~ 2010 Executive Director of DEGUSSA AG (Degussa China Co., Ltd.)