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Yunhui Technology

Yunhui Technology is a professional supplier of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exhaust emission reduction solutions. Established in 2010. In 2013, he was selected as a member of the national "PM 2.5 Special Prevention and Control Team". The R&D team consists of "National Led by specially-appointed experts”, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of high-end equipment for adsorption, catalytic core materials and VOCs treatment make. After more than ten years of development, the company has formed 50 patents. The company has a complete technology research and development system and manufacturing body Department, and has a research and development and manufacturing base of 30,000 square meters.

Excellent projects cover the whole country, mainly for SAIC, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, Geely Automobile, Jiangling Motors, Nippon Paint, Changjiang Paint, DNT Paint, Daqiao Chemical, 3trees, Xinli Ink, Jia Baoli, Allnex Resin, Deiwei, Jiren Paint, China Banknote Ink, Mecca Paint, Mackay, Henkel, Daikin, Kao, Siemens and other high-end customer services.

2015 Year


80 +

Product Category

120 +




·Established Nantong Yunhui ·Completed the development of VOCs catalyst and successfully applied it to Nippon Paint


·Introduced runner assembly products, used in automotive painting and coating industry ·Research and development of modified molecular sieves in Qidong


·Complete the YH1+ product finalization ·And successfully applied to SAIC


·Identified as a municipal "Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center" ·Identified as a high-tech enterprise


·The runner was put into production and successfully applied to Dongcai Co., Ltd. ·The integrated machine was put into production and successfully applied to Nippon Group


·Fixed bed molecular sieve technology was successfully applied to Nantong COSCO Kawasaki and China Merchants Jinling Shipbuilding, officially entering the shipbuilding industry






An innovative supplier,
Provide global customers with smart VOCs solutions vision and mission

Vision And Mission

Achieving Clients: Helping Clients Achieve Superior Environmental Performance
Quality first: safety, energy saving, stability
Rigorous and realistic: fact-based decision-making and business management
Integrity: Building trusting and responsible relationships

Made With Heart

Consulting: rich project experience, whole-process solutions
Design: Optimized design, saving investment cost
Manufacturing: Standardized manufacturing plants, high-quality core materials
Installation: professional installation team, convenient installation and debugging
Service: remote intelligent monitoring, routine operation and maintenance