Marketing Specialist

Minimum education:

Number of recruits:


Experience requirements:

Work area:


1. Product tonality positioning, VI design

2. Sort out various needs and make product manuals and PPT introductions

3. Website development and maintenance, statistics on page views and stays

4. The daily operation and promotion of WeChat public account, Weibo and Douyin requires information collection and copywriting capabilities

5. Toutiao, Baidu and other platforms' soft advertising, information flow promotion, content update and operation of environmental media platforms.

6. With the ability of data analysis, able to propose optimization plans for marketing methods.

7. Assist in organizing offline marketing activities, including exhibitions and roadshows.


1. Majors in marketing, graphic design, advertising communication, etc. or equivalent;

2. Proficient in the use of PS/AI, and proficient in the use of third-party editing platforms such as Xiumi and Yiqixiu;

3. Experience in new media operation, and relevant work experience in machinery manufacturing enterprises is preferred;

4. Possess strong communication and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, strong innovation ability, and can withstand certain work pressures.