Cost Management Accounting

Minimum education:

Number of recruits:

Experience requirements:

Work area:



1. Responsible for building and maintaining the company's management accounting system and cost management system

2. Responsible for building and maintaining the company's management accounting and reporting system, providing multi-dimensional revenue and cost detail data for company management decisions

3. Responsible for building and maintaining the company's multi-dimensional revenue and cost management methods and models by product, project, and organization, and organizing the construction and maintenance of related information systems

4. Responsible for providing multi-dimensional detailed revenue and expenditure data and benefit analysis reports by product, project and organization for the company's management decision-making

5. Responsible for the cost inventory analysis of the company's previous projects, and responsible for the cost analysis and control of the company's existing projects and new projects from the bidding budget, construction drawing budget, and project final accounts.

6. Responsible for the input-output performance analysis of the company's General Assembly Division and New Materials Division

  basic requirements:

1. Full-time college degree or above (accounting or financial management related major) or intermediate accountant or above

2. More than 5 years of cost management experience in manufacturing enterprises

3. Proficient in enterprise management operating systems such as ERP or SAP

Job Requirements: (Meet three or more at the same time)

1. Obtain one or two of professional financial qualifications such as certified public accountants, tax accountants or internal auditors

2. Obtain one or two of the engineering professional qualifications such as first-level constructor, second-level constructor, asset appraiser, etc.

3. Proficiency in EXCEL and BI visualization tools for data analysis and expression

4. More than 3 years working experience in financial supervisors and cost supervisors in environmental protection or new energy industries

5. Strong written expression and official document writing ability

More than 6.3 years of R&D cost accounting experience in high-tech enterprises