Chief Engineer


Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience requirements:

Work area:


(1) Focusing on the medium and long-term development plan and annual research and development work plan of the institute, formulate a work plan for the research and development direction of advanced industrial waste gas treatment technology and organize the implementation;

(2) Responsible for tracking the development of advanced technologies for industrial waste gas treatment at home and abroad, strengthening technical exchanges between the research institute and the outside world, and grasping the future trends of related industry technologies and markets;

(3) Responsible for the research and development of major technology projects of advanced technologies related to the company's business, responsible for the preparation of project approval reports for research and development projects, including but not limited to the analysis of research and development costs and expected benefits; responsible for the project management of research and development projects, including project progress, cost usage, etc. ; Coordinate and arrange detailed plans for R&D work, clarify cooperation and division of labor, undertake part of the R&D work, and be responsible for the specific implementation and supervision of the implementation according to the plan, and be responsible for the technical level of the R&D projects;

(4) Cooperate with the scientific and technological management team to carry out the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of R&D projects;

(5) Complete other work arranged by the leader.


(1) Master's degree or above, major in mechanical, electrical, environmental and other engineering disciplines;

(2) More than five years of R&D work experience, and worked as a R&D project manager;

(3) Have good planning and control ability, innovation ability, communication ability and teamwork ability;

(4) Have scientific and rigorous research and development ideas, and be good at integrating theory with practice;

(5) Possess a professional ethics of integrity and dedication, and can withstand greater work pressure;

(6) For those who are particularly outstanding, the conditions for working years may be appropriately relaxed.

Salary: 15000-20000