After Sales Manager


Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience requirements:

Work area:


1. Formulate the annual after-sales work plan, cost budget, personnel training and assessment plan, etc.;

2. Formulate the after-sales work process and various rules and regulations, comprehensively organize and guide the after-sales work, and ensure the process and standardization of the after-sales work;

3. Responsible for the inspection, commissioning, maintenance, repair, technical support, maintenance signing and other services after the company's project acceptance;

4. Formulate value-added services such as after-sales maintenance plans, maintenance plans, engineering renovations, and accessories sales;

5. Participate in project acceptance and understand the product design and process of each project;

6. Lead the after-sales personnel to deal with various emergencies in a timely manner, solve various customer repairs, consultations, complaints, etc., and improve customer satisfaction;

7. Provide technical guidance and training to after-sales personnel on a regular basis to improve the technical level and work quality of after-sales personnel;

8. Complete other temporary work and coordinate the work of various departments;

  job requirements:

(College and above)

Major: Electrical/Automation/Environmental Protection/Chemical and other related majors

Work experience: more than 8 years of work experience in after-sales management, working in the Vocs environmental protection industry is preferred;

  other requirements:

1. Strong communication and organization and coordination skills;

2. Familiar with the after-sales service management process;

3. Have strong learning ability, can quickly master professional knowledge and carry out work in a timely manner

4. Have a team spirit, a high sense of responsibility and a positive working attitude;

Salary: 8000-10000