Electrical Engineer


Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience requirements:

Work area:


1. Complete the schematic design of the automation control part, PLC programming, and guide the installation and debugging of the production of the project instrument and control cabinet;

2. Participate in the development of new equipment and related outsourcing matters;

3. Participate in the upgrading and transformation of subsequent production equipment.


  (bachelor degree)

1. Electrical automation/mechatronics and other related majors, master low-voltage electronic control PLC control.

2. Familiar with Siemens 200/300/1200, AB, Mitsubishi and other PLC programming, Siemens WINCC touch screen host computer configuration.

3. Participate in pre-sales and after-sales technical support, have 2 years of on-site debugging experience, can independently conduct electrical installation and debugging, can adapt to short-term business trips, and are familiar with industrial energy-saving and environmental protection equipment systems are preferred.

4. Master the drawing of EPLAN/CAD electrical schematic diagrams, and have the ability to independently design electrical diagrams.

5. Responsible for emergency handling of project system failures.

6. Responsible for the filing of electrical technical data.

7. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Salary: 8000-12000