Process Engineer


Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience requirements:


Work area:


1. Responsible for the technical work of VOCs management projects in the organized pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries;

2. Develop technical plans for VOCs process engineering in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. VOCs waste gas treatment plan design, technical transformation and optimization; responsible for VOCs treatment plan design, equipment selection and procurement, cost accounting, and preparation of bidding documents;

3. Responsible for the technical support of equipment installation, commissioning, acceptance and post-operation and maintenance. Coordinate the design progress of the craft profession during the project execution process, and complete the design tasks undertaken on time;

4. Solve the problems in the process of process technology engineering. Solve technical problems at the engineering site.


Major: (Bachelor degree or above) chemical engineering and technology, thermal engineering, environmental engineering and other related majors

Work experience: 3-5 years related experience

  other request:

1. Independently engaged in the design of VOC incineration process and supporting projects in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for more than 5 years;

2. Proficiency in material balance calculation, heat balance calculation, at least 2 kinds of waste gas and supporting treatment processes (incineration, adsorption concentration, deep condensation, quenching);

3. Experience and skills in instrument valve selection and PID flow chart design;

4. Possess overall thinking and can flexibly use technical strategies to achieve departmental goals.

Salary: 15000-20000

28-38 years old